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KILLING ME INSIDE (KILMS) is an Indonesian band from South Jakarta. The band's current line-up consists of Savira Salsabilla Razak, Josaphat Klements, Rudye Nugra- ha Putra, and Angga Tetsuya. KILLING ME INSIDE debut album, A Fresh Start for Something New, was officially released on January 2, 2009, through Fast Youth Records. "Torment" making the group had popular directly in indie music industry and launching the album in Malaysia. KILLING ME INSIDE signed to Crooz Records and released their second album, which was self-titled. It broke through sales figures of 500.000 copies albums and was certified "Platinum" by Royal Prima Musikindo. "Biarlah" was released as the first single, and received a positive response from listeners. Due to this success, KILLING ME INSIDE earned two awards for the Best Indie Music and the Best New Artist. They also received two nominations for Best of the Best Newcomer and Best Rock Album at the 14th Annual Anugerah Musik Indone- sia. Killms had begun working for their third studio album and released a single, "Melangkah". Their third studio album, One Reason, had officially been released on September 2012, and had produced the singles "Menyesal", "Never Go Back" and "For One Last Time". KILLING ME INSIDE released fourth studio album, Rebirth: A New Beginning on November 2014. At the 18th Annual Anugerah Musik Indonesia, KILLING ME INSIDE earning nominations for Best Rock Album.



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