Reality Club Never Too Late, Never Get Better for a Reality Club Showcase

Sabtu, 03 Februari 2018, Info Band

    Reality Club is what happens when indie rock collides with pop tunes. Reality Club was formed in South Jakarta early 2016 by a group of individuals with deep passion for music. Influenced by various artists such as The Strokes, Last Dinosaurs, the Cure and Phoenix, Reality Club comprises of Era Patigo on drums, Iqbal Anggakusumah on guitar, Faiz Novascotia Saripudin on vocal and guitar, Fathia Izzati on vocals, and Nugi Wicaksono on bass. They are ready to give you fresh music that will be hard for you not to vibe to.


    Reality Club released their debut album titled Never Get Better late 2017. Their album consists of 13 songs and is available digitally through Youtube, Spotify and iTunes. Their album is derived from the success of their single titled Is It The Answer, a single that was released in 2016. With over 800,000 plays on Spotify, 300,000 views on Youtube and a demand for more material, Reality Club decided to go through with a full album. Never Get Better is an album with feel good songs that has an overall theme of love, heartbreak and everyday occurrences. 


    Up to this date, Reality Club has played in quite a number of gigs and festivals. In celebration of their album Never Get Better, the band feels that it is necessary to host their own showcase, in order to get closer to their listeners and also branch out in the music scene. Reality Club’s showcase will be held on Sunday, 4th of February 2018. The event is free entry and will be held at the heart of Jakarta, specifically in I-Six, a bar/lounge not unusual in the music scene. Three other bands will be gracing their presence on stage namely, Samsara, Sirati Dharma and Glaskaca, and MC by Akbarry. 


With the title of Never Get Better, Never Too Late for a Reality Club Showcase, they are ready to play their tunes from the album in hopes of giving off good energy and a fun experience to whoever attends. Last but not least, they also giving the screening "Never Get Better" music video for the first time.













Youtube: Realityclub



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