AVHATH Upcoming single : " The Annual Horrors "

Kamis, 27 Desember 2018, Info Band

Avhath is a five-piece hardcore/metal

unit from Jakarta. Officially established in January 2013.  


The band consists of Krig, BxP, Kvvlt and

Svnn, and Yvd.


The band members had also been

involved on some respectable music projects in Jakarta’s underground scene  such as For The Flames Beneath Your Bridge, Catharsis, Werewolf Does Calculus.  


Throughout these five years of their career, Avhath has released 9 releases  including split with various underground  bands throughout Indonesia such Aneka Digital Safari, Haul, Violence of  Crusade, and Disfare.  


Two years after their latest issue, The Annual Horrors comes in as the new single extracted from their upcoming EP titled The Avhath Rites which is set out to be released on February 2019.  


The Annual Horrors captures the eeriness of modern society, where the reality that

everyone lives in has devalued itself into a mere spectacle.


The track is fueled with unruly guitar and coarsely haunting vocal throughout the whole 2 minutes of the experience, which projects an uncanny yet subtle melodic ambience. It’s a new terrain for Avhath’s musicality  


The Annual Horrors is available this Friday (28/12/2018) on your preferred digital

platforms and can be accessed through




Recorded at ALS Studio

Mixed & Mastered by Auliya Akbar at Noise Lab Studio

Produced by Avhath  

Composed & Arranged by Avhath  

Lyrics by Krig


©? 2018 HVTH Rites  

Press Contact avhvthrites@gmail.com / +62-819-0597-5656  


Booking Contact avhvthrites@gmail.com / +62-81382985225



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